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🎇Everything is changing at an alarming rate🤨 👉High Pitch Whine Secrets👈

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Everything is changing at an alarming rate. In this video Deanna shares why sensatives are feeling exhausted, the secrets to the high pitch whine, and is time really speeding up?
Deanna Gloyd is metaphysician pioneering the world of metaphysics, classic physics and modern physics in the field of spiritual reality.

It is important to find your Zen ~ Now!

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In these changing time it is important to find your center, and reach out for help it you need it. Isolation is not a good option. If you are feeling uncertain about why you are feeling the way that you are right now, or feeling stuck please join me on Tuesday nights at 6:00 PM mountain time for enlightenment and wisdom. Here is the link, once your are there click follow., make sure your notification are on so you can see when we go live.

Coming Soon ~ the Empath’s Tool Kit

The empath’s tool kit is beginning to take shape.
There has been a request for an energy tool kit to be sent out each month to help you navigate the energy shifts.

There are several burning questions that deserve a heartfelt answer. If you have not yet let your voice be heard please click here and help the community create the tools and resources for energy protection.

Shift happens, the New State of things to come.

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Shift happens, the New State of things to come. This is the end of the phase of the first uplevel. Are you ready? It is 2021, what’s ahead.
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Interview with Victoria Whitfield Be #Visionary

Does your energy have anything to do with your sales productivity? The answer may surprise you.

Sandra took her power back (And you can too)

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“For the first time, in a long time, I actually feel that there is hope that I will see my grandchildren again. I understand now why my daughter had shut me out and not let me buy things for their birthdays,” Sandra said this with a distant look on her face. I knew from what she had shared in session that she was at the end of her rope having suffered so much pain in her life.

Are you experiencing stagnant and lack of motivation? Here is why.

The result of the erratic pattern of critical frequencies we are seeing now is fatigue. When you are tired you lack motivation. Simple.

Stuck? Stop depleting your energy, start thinking.

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Here’s what I desire you to know. As your spiritual gifts grow beyond your awakening phase (yeah!), you will become increasingly more conscious of energy.

4 Planets in RETROGRADE, RU trippen’?

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Mercury left retrograde while Jupiter and Neptune began their backspins on June 22, 2021. Pluto and Saturn are also on the dance floor for the four planet happy dance.

Marguerite released Karmic Energy blocking Self-Love (so Can you)

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Marguerite took a chance to have her Karma cleared, after many attempts of trying to change her daily patterns, and it really paid off allowing her to make noticeable changes in her day-to-day life almost instantly.

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