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Next Level of Empath Jumanji

if you are not solid in your spiritual foundation and understanding of energy, then your worst fears would probably come true (I know it is hard to hear, but it doesn’t have to be this way). And if you are not fully founded in your power as a Sensitive, your fear may multiply as you experience fatigue and inadequacy.

Manifesting before Eclipse Season! DNA shifts 😶‍🌫️

eclipse digital wallpaper

What is the magnificence of Manifesting before Eclipse Season? During the Eclipse season energies will wax and wane and create more challenges than when all the planets are direct. So for the next three days take a moment to focus on what you would… Continue Reading “Manifesting before Eclipse Season! DNA shifts 😶‍🌫️”

Is there a Target 🎯On Your back?

We as lightworkers, healers, and way showers are feeling in large part overwhelmed, fatigued, and ready to go home. 

If you are anything like me it feels like your energy shields are not working, you are playing whack-a-mole with constant issues and challenges, and you are hiding your true self just to deal with all of this.

Are the gates of hell opening?

orange flames wallpaper

Are the gates of hell opening? In this episode Deanna reveals the latest trend in the spiritual evolution of the planet. The Age of Aquarius has accelerated time, put karma into the balance of the Goddess of Justice, and connected the center of google… Continue Reading “Are the gates of hell opening?”

How to Alleviate Anxiety ~ 5 steps you can take right now 🙌

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds

In this episode learn the 5 steps that you can take right now to alleviate anxiety, why it seems like time is going faster right now, and what is Ascension: How do you know you’re doing it? Here is the hack list drink Water… Continue Reading “How to Alleviate Anxiety ~ 5 steps you can take right now 🙌”

Psychic Attack – What is going on?

opened book with religious psalms

Psychic attack it is not what you think, and her discovery is mind blowing when you think about the ramifications of the world scene at large. Join her as she talks about the number of the targeted light workers on this planet that are being bombarded by energy slime, and mind control energy vibrations.

Psychic Attack on the Rise😲

monkey on tree trunk

In this episode Deanna reveals the shocking truth about psychic attacks on the Rise😲 But it is not what you think. Here is how to identify the danger, and rid yourself of the unwanted energies!

Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Triangulation

a woman smiling while holding a pile of books on her head

Today’s Questions: What do Akashic Records, Narcissism, and Triangulation have in common? How to use the New Moon energy to clear your karma?

👉Akashic Records, Narcissism, & Gaslighting

woman with gas lamp

Today’s Question: What is the relationship between Akashic Records and Narcissism? How does gaslighting effect my Akashic Records in my current life, and how does that relate to past lives? And what does that mean to empaths?

3 Ways to Breakthrough what Challenges you😲

body of water between green leaf trees

“I am trying to stay connected with SPIRIT through meditation, thoughtfulness, and prayer, but I have so many challenges that I feel like I am alone. I feel like I am cut off from my Angels. How can I breakthrough these challenges when I feel so alone?”

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