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Are You like Andrea? Her anxiety came from an unexpected place.

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He said, “I recently became more aware that I am sensitive and seem to take on the energies of those around me. I told a few of my friend that I was exhausted in my current relationship, and I honestly think she is an energy vampire. My friends just don’t get it, and they think I am nuts. I am not sure if I am an empath, or what. I wish there was someone that could guide me through these changes because there are so many videos and well meaning people, but I feel so lost. I really wish someone would just point me in the right direction .”

Imagine what life would be like if you could stop absorbing other people’s energy.

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What you need is to be able to effortlessly block other peoples negative energy. And with the current state of the world, it would be nice if you could block out the fear factor in the collective consciousness also.

Why is my intuition inconsistent?

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why is my intuition inconsistent? I use to be able to connect with SPIRIT so easily, so what is happening?”

Most powerful tool of a lightworker

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What is the most powerful tool of a lightworker? Well it is the energy within, the truth within.

Have you ever wondered how spiritually inclined and gifted our ancestors were?

How they used their psychic abilities to tap into the highest ethereal realm to seek answers to the unknown?

Are you done with exhausting Relationships?

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If you look at why your relationships as a highly sensitive empath may not be long lasting, or satisfying, you’ll will come to realize that ‘people pleasing’ is getting in your way. What you need to is to start setting boundaries as an empath,… Continue Reading “Are you done with exhausting Relationships?”

Self Improvement Tips & Insights for 2023

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helpful tips and insights for 2023 for highly sensitive empaths

Room of Comfort for All Light Workers, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People

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Room of Comfort for All Light Workers, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive People

Akashic Records & Connection to Divine Energies

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Akashic Records and Connection with Divine Energies revealed.

Star Signs and Akashic Records

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Did you know that the alignment of the planets and stars you were born under determine part of your journey here on earth. Highly trained astrologist can look deep into your planets and stars to reveal experiences, beliefs, and behaviors you are currently aware… Continue Reading “Star Signs and Akashic Records”

Take your Spiritual Power Back Now!

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Hello , Today I am writing to share with you that I believe it is so important for this hour: I believe that right now is not the time to just sit by idly.  There is a spiritual battle for you and your families very soul going on,… Continue Reading “Take your Spiritual Power Back Now!”

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