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Akashic Records and the Inner Child

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2021 is going to be the best year ever. Why, you may ask? I am going to share something that is going to change your inner world, and help create your best life ever. The incredible energy shifts this year are supporting you in… Continue Reading “Akashic Records and the Inner Child”

What are Energy Healing sessions?

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What is energy healing, and how does i work. How can it help you . ..

Three ways that Angels / Guides Communicate with you

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Knowing how your Angels or Guides are communicating with you can open up a whole new world of unlimited possibilities. If you know what to look for.

REd Alert Energy Frequencies shifted VERTICALLY

Energy is shifting more to the horizontal than vertical.

What is the pressure in your ears? đź’«Do deceased loved ones talk to you?

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the pressure you are feeling in your ears, along with, or separate from the high pitch whine.

Plus, you will discover more about how ghost, or deceased loved ones, speak with us.

What are indigo children?

AND CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED In today’s video I am going to reveal the origins of an indigo child, their purpose on our planet, and how to know if you are an unawaken indigo child. Indigo children are part of the spiritual family of the… Continue Reading “What are indigo children?”

It isn’t enough to be spiritual right now. Here is why. Plus, free session – enter today for your opportunity.

It isn’t enough to b spiritual right now. Here is why. Plus, frees session – enter today for your opportunity.

Need ENCOURAGEMENT to keep going?

What would it feel like to be totally able to come out of the closet and say, ” Hey, I am powerful!” Would it be life changing? Would it change everything?

I have a question for you. . .

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Hello Beautiful Soul I would like to ask you a question. Before I do I would like to share a little more about me and the services I offer. I am an Energy shift advisor and I work with Schumann’s Resonance frequency to help spiritual… Continue Reading “I have a question for you. . .”

Is He Your true Love or an ENERGY Vampire?

I am dropping in with today’s new video to talk about energy discernment. Many sensitive people, especially women, often end up giving more time and energy in a relationship than they receive back. When this happens, simply stated, they are in a relationship with… Continue Reading “Is He Your true Love or an ENERGY Vampire?”

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