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How to Get Unstuck in Life and Live a More Fulfilling Life

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How to Get Unstuck in Life and Live a More Fulfilling Life. Today, my beautiful sensitives, I invite you to start thinking about what it would like to be released from all your fears of fully being and living as a highly sensitive person . . .totally free from the day-to-day energy draining soul sucking existence.

5 Healthy 💖 Strategies to Create Joy in Your Life🎈

5 healthy strategies to create joy in your life 2022. To create joy in your life follow these 5 healthy strategies.

🤔How to hold a space of Love in the face of Negativity

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Deanna shares how to hold a space of Love in the face of Negativity. During these trying times is it hard to find your center as an empath. She also shares insights about ways that sensitives can help themselves as they help the world by shining their light.

Mastering a New Way to think in 2022!

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Deanna talk about how to master a new way to think in 2022

What does the future hold? Where are we now?

predictions 2022

What does the future hold? Where are we now? Can you see beyond the reality, and what is behind the veil?
The forecast for our planet begins now

New Year Predictions!

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What is in store for 2022? Will the crazy train ride be over? Or can you expect more of the same? What if you absolutely knew what the future held? Would you plan for what was coming, or just gracefully walk forward an allow… Continue Reading “New Year Predictions!”

Winter Solstices ~ What will the future bring? ➕Holiday Specials

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Twenty twenty one is almost over, and a New Year will soon begin. The solstice marks the beginning of a time of reflection, soul searching, and getting ready for spring. 

👉How to Navigate the Holidays 📯3 basics!

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This is a crazy time of year with the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, and it is the first Christmas after the mandatory quarantine. So where are we now?
Crazy question I know . . .
Last week we experienced a high amount of lower frequencies that stimulated spiritual awareness, and fed our souls. This week things have quiet down quite a bit as we prepare for our holiday celebrations. 

Red Alert: All Sensitives on Deck!

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Red Alert: All Sensitives on Deck! Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus line up to deliver a powerful energetic force. This energy can be used for good, or evil. Faith, hope, and love are the dominate energy sources.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus Deliver a Powerful Punch

These frequencies are stimulating the hippocampus (learning and memory) and the isocortex (sensory and motor skills). The tones are vibrating between the two creating a rhythic neuro signal. The brain takes these two similar frequencies or sounds and combines them into one sound. Sensitives that are able to focus on the sound for a longer period of time will be able to hear the two distinct frequencies.

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