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Akashic Record Readings Live ~the Karma Wheel

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What is the wheel of karma and how does it affect my life now? If I have a health issue could that be a karmic debit?

🚧Moving Beyond Karmic Blocks 🧭Easy Solutions

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What is Karma and how does it affect my job? It seems like I can’t stand up for myself and everyone walks all over me.

The Mysteries of Now!

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Are you aware that you are aware? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are you finding yourself more and more anxious? Does it feel like you have less time to get things done and no matter how fast you go there is ALWAYS more? Are the walls of your… Continue Reading “The Mysteries of Now!”

Live Event of the Year 👻This Saturday

Into the Night Séance with Deanna Gloyd  This Saturday, October 29, 2022 Spirts will join us to communicate from the other side.  Deanna communicates with loved ones that are on the other side, as well as those who have passed, and yet not crossed… Continue Reading “Live Event of the Year 👻This Saturday”

Parallel Lives, Why are they Surfacing Now?

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Does it seem that this week has flown by or what? And if your week was anything like mine there were unexpected twist and turns in every moment. What is at the root of all of this? Parallel lives with unresolved energies are collapsing… Continue Reading “Parallel Lives, Why are they Surfacing Now?”

Healing through Mediumship

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Deanna, I wanted to thank you so much for our session yesterday, I lost my husband seven years ago and still find the holiday’s to be one of the hardest times. Not only did you help me to talk to my husband, but you helped him to find a way back to God.

🆕Current Karmic and Cosmic Shifts ~ Awareness is Key

We are in the thick of it now, and I am writing to let you know that now is the time to dump the karma in order to lift up your life. How? Take a good look at what or who is currently causing the stress in your life.

🌝Special Pricing and Sunday🔮Feeling Stuck . . .

I am reaching out to you because if you are sensitive you are most likely feeling the incredible energy being pumped into the earth right now. And you came to this planet to be a healer, a light, and experience all the beautiful things that life had to offer. 

Are you feeling the Effects of Universal Alignment?

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Feeling stuck ~ like your doing the same thing over and over, when really you have been doing the same thing over and over creating the life of your dreams ~ right?

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