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Two Reason’s you are feeling emotional after the Solstice

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By not taking action, or procrastinating more than usual, you are self sabotaging your efforts. Basically you are going through the motions but do to a lack of vision, belief, faith, there are no results. You reap what you create.

Energy Shift Insights For EMPATH, STARSEED, AND HSP ~June 2021.

I encourage you to have confidence in yourself. You have all the skills necessary to move forward in small incremental steps while the rest of the world, that is not awake yet, feels like it is going backwards. For a while events in our current timeline will seem like they are going backward, this is an illusion. Keep moving forward with your life.

Akashic Records, Self Esteem, & Solar Eclipse

Change, transformation, saying goodbye to old beliefs, patterns, and what feels comfortable is  not an easy task.

What is an energy healing session?

An energy healing session removes the negative energy that you may have picked up from other people (💢like picking up an energy flea), and can restore your sense of peace and joy.

Mercury in Retrograde June 2021

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In today’s video I share how Mercury in Retrograde is showing us how our beliefs and perceptions about ourselves will be making a big change in how we experience the future.

Do you trust self-love? An exercise to release limiting beliefs.

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seven steps to releasing limiting beliefs and increasing self love

It’s the next big breakthrough ~ Embracing Emotional Freedom

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o help you understand how to take action on the little things that will ultimately get you exactly where you desire to be in your emotional freedom. It starts with a guest Akashic Record reading – a peek inside cracking the code of a current struggle

Self love, Five Key ways to release toxic people from your life.

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Let me ask you a question. Does this feel like you? Are you busy trying to heal yourself and evolve, and feel like something is really holding you back? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and shed the toxic people in your life?

New Moon Craziness, Live Akashic Records Readings

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In this post Covid world where things are still uncertain this can be an easy place to slide into. I encourage you to center yourself, increase your connection with God / SPIRIT / Source. Take charge of your own life, write out the story that you would like to live now, and take small steps each day towards creating this reality.

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