Personal Readings

3 Card Tarot Reading

You may be uncertain about a relationship, a current job situation, or health issues. A three card reading is a stellar way to have a snapshot of what is going on. Click for details

Akashic Records Tarot Reading

The choice spread for many is a Akashic Records Tarot reading. Here we can see the reason for the past and how it is affecting your now, not to mention your future. Click for details

FaceTime (Video Chat) Reading with Me

Would you like t o have a 1 to 1 live tarot reading session with me? That’s fantastic, and I would be delighted to meet you! We can discuss what you’d like from the reading and you may ask any questions you may have along the way. I would recommend that we do an Akashic Records Tarot reading for you. Click for details

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A Beautiful Flower

Life is short. Break the Rules ~ Mark Twain.

Are you aware that there are curses in your generations or family lineage regarding money? If you are not making what you desire ~ there is a block or energy disruption keeping you from success. Exercise, meditation, and releasing karmic debt will free your path toward wealth.

Here is the link to a full consult, reading, and energy clearing with me to book now.

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