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Replenish💪Your Vital Energy Now!

Let’s face it being an empath in today’s world is exhausting, and having the courage to step into your full potential . . .well it can be a lot. I totally understand. 

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness!

6 planets in retrograde rebirth the consciousness! Are we headed for a life with shields up or beaming up? I know it’s crazy talk as we face fear and being positive in our lives at the same time. Time to steer with your compass in one hand and your monocular in the other!
Your ability to tap into your heart and your emotions will be a powerful compass as the world begins to unfold in the next level of the birth of its consciousness.
Understanding the positioning of the planets will help you focus the light into your current reality and shift into a more joy filled space.

What is the pressure in your ears? 💫Do deceased loved ones talk to you?

stylish couple in leather clothes in nature

the pressure you are feeling in your ears, along with, or separate from the high pitch whine.

Plus, you will discover more about how ghost, or deceased loved ones, speak with us.

I have a question for you. . .

woman standing on coast near ocean

Hello Beautiful Soul I would like to ask you a question. Before I do I would like to share a little more about me and the services I offer. I am an Energy shift advisor and I work with Schumann’s Resonance frequency to help spiritual… Continue Reading “I have a question for you. . .”

Large shifts in Universe, Political Unrest, high pitch whine unbearable

Large shifts in the Universe in both the political and personal arena are coming to a crescendo tomorrow January 5, 2021. Both parties in America are focused on their game plan if their side wins. As you know I am generally quiet about this… Continue Reading “Large shifts in Universe, Political Unrest, high pitch whine unbearable”

Akashic Records reading for America & First Full Moon in Age of Aquarius

Deanna shares the effects of the first full moon in the Age of Aquarius, the current status of Schumann’s frequency, and reads the Akashic Records for America.

Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?

The alignment of the Star Sirius with the sun and the constellation of Orion bring us a unique opportunity among all the Schumann’s energy shifts to release our struggles and obstacles. During this powerful week the DNA is activated, the consciousness of every human… Continue Reading “Taking your power back now during the Lion’s Gate season, and what does 3 A.M. mean?”

Victory Begins in the Dark

My beautiful sensitive people – empaths, highly sensitive people, lightworkers – your victory begins now! It begins in the dark. Have you been feeling an overwhelming sense of dread over the last few weeks. A sense of looming especially in the evenings? A student… Continue Reading “Victory Begins in the Dark”

Get your Awakening Attunement right here!

Get your awaking Attunement by clicking here 👉 Click here to register👈 When? Next two dates: May 28, 2020 and June 18,2020. What time? Time of each online event is displayed when you 👉 Click here to register👈 then click on the date. Where?… Continue Reading “Get your Awakening Attunement right here!”

Weirdness? Unexplainable headaches? Fatigue?

The question I am hearing the most today is what happened Sunday (April 19,2020)? Did you experience any of the following? off and on headaches with little to no explanation of why huge surge of anxiety, anger, and agitation the desire to sleep for… Continue Reading “Weirdness? Unexplainable headaches? Fatigue?”

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