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Are You like Matthew? He is seeking clarity.

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He said, “I recently became more aware that I am sensitive and seem to take on the energies of those around me. I told a few of my friend that I was exhausted in my current relationship, and I honestly think she is an energy vampire. My friends just don’t get it, and they think I am nuts. I am not sure if I am an empath, or what. I wish there was someone that could guide me through these changes because there are so many videos and well meaning people, but I feel so lost. I really wish someone would just point me in the right direction .”

Special Energy Shift Clearing Monday December 14, 2015

Energy Shift Update: December 8, 2015 Energy Shift Update: This is fall and generally the time of the year when things begin to slow down, the earth rest, and feelings of auld lang syne begin to stir up. Many busy themselves with preparations to… Continue Reading “Special Energy Shift Clearing Monday December 14, 2015”

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