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Self Love is not a Choice, It’s Everything!

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I know you must have heard this many times – You teach people how to treat you. As cliché as it sounds, this is a very important fact that most people have a hard time understanding. 

Do you feel like you have missed a lot of your life?

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I do not want you to feel the way that I have . . .like you have missed so much of your life because you’ve been numbing out, racing through life, an putting up shields so you didn’t have to participate.

Break Free From Self-Sabotage

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As a highly sensitive empath who’s likely having challenges making positive changes in their lives right now. I want you to know that you are not alone. As a spiritual healer and mentor for 13+ years, I hear from many empaths who have a clear idea what they want to achieve in life and how to do it

Mastering a New Way to think in 2022!

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Deanna talk about how to master a new way to think in 2022

Are You like Matthew? He is seeking clarity.

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He said, “I recently became more aware that I am sensitive and seem to take on the energies of those around me. I told a few of my friend that I was exhausted in my current relationship, and I honestly think she is an energy vampire. My friends just don’t get it, and they think I am nuts. I am not sure if I am an empath, or what. I wish there was someone that could guide me through these changes because there are so many videos and well meaning people, but I feel so lost. I really wish someone would just point me in the right direction .”

Two Reason’s you are feeling emotional after the Solstice

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By not taking action, or procrastinating more than usual, you are self sabotaging your efforts. Basically you are going through the motions but do to a lack of vision, belief, faith, there are no results. You reap what you create.

Do you trust self-love? An exercise to release limiting beliefs.

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seven steps to releasing limiting beliefs and increasing self love

Has your life changed yet? 🤔 Overcoming Self-Doubt From Full Moon🌕 to New Moon 🌑

Hello Everyone! These energies are ✨ intense between the Full Moon🌕  the coming New Moon ! 🌑  Relationships, health issues, and day-to-day activities are coming forward to grab your attention in the duplex cross-hairs of SELF and Doubt. It is time to make big… Continue Reading “Has your life changed yet? 🤔 Overcoming Self-Doubt From Full Moon🌕 to New Moon 🌑”

Dynamic Shifts shake us to the bone! Discount Pricing on Friday! 😇

Big Bold and Beautiful changes are happening in the Universe and you are invited! We are making big changes👀  here at Tools of Energy Protection to keep step with the dynamic shifts in the Universe and You! As a highly sensitive person or empathy your beingness… Continue Reading “Dynamic Shifts shake us to the bone! Discount Pricing on Friday! 😇”

Energy Shift Update: July 2, 2019 Logic & Emotions doing the tango!

For the logical mind the resonate frequency of the planet is causing a magnetic pull shifting the brain hemispheres between the left and the right. You can decide what to think, if you should think, or just numb out. For the heart mind we… Continue Reading “Energy Shift Update: July 2, 2019 Logic & Emotions doing the tango!”

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