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Winter Solstices ~ What will the future bring? ➕Holiday Specials

aurora borealis

Twenty twenty one is almost over, and a New Year will soon begin. The solstice marks the beginning of a time of reflection, soul searching, and getting ready for spring. 

I bring you hope, joy, and love! 🤗

On the graph you will notice an abundance of energy at 4 Hz. This energy can be used by the human mind to stimulate peace, enhance a trance like state, or even increase focus and concentration. The bonus is that it reduces anxiety. A sample of this sound can be found here https://youtu.be/5Ig98tWMq0U. The scientific evidence supports that God does give manna, or Mana in the Polynesian culture, from Heaven.

Need ENCOURAGEMENT to keep going?

What would it feel like to be totally able to come out of the closet and say, ” Hey, I am powerful!” Would it be life changing? Would it change everything?

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