PROMO ~ Up to $40 off sessions! Flash Sale~In Person or Phone!

It’s the Memorial Day Flash Sale!
All sessions are $1 per minute (regularly $100 per hour)!
When: Thursday 11 am to 5 pm Mountain time.  SOLD OUT!
Friday 11 am to 5 pm Mountain time. (One Spot Left)
Monday 11 am to 5 pm Mountain time. (5 Spots Left)
How? EASY! I have opened my online booking system for you Where? 
Go to the site, select a time, register yourself, and I will call you at that time from the For Heaven Sakes Books store. 303-964-9339
Come by if you would rather see me in person!
Friday’s In Person Location –
4900 W 46th Ave.
Denver, CO 80212
Monday’s In Person Location –
1923 N. Wadsworth
Lakewood, CO 80214

PROMO ~ Up to $25 off sessions! Flash Sale

Today Only!
Thursday May 16, 2018
Featuring discounted rates on energy clearing sessions, communication with your spirit guides, or an opportunity to see if there are any messages from the other side.
Thursday, May 16, 2018
1 hour session: $1.25/minute
30 minute session: $1.50/minute
That’s a huge savings on hourly rates (regularly $100), and half hour rates (regulary $60) !

Shifting energies can create new realities – What is next?


Shifting energies can create new realities and experiences that will both amaze us and heal us.

To gain understanding ask yourself what issues keep showing themselves to you. What occurrences or life circumstances keep coming up over and over.

Is there someone that comes your mind over and over? Is it someone that you have not forgiven? Or someone you have unresolved issues with?

Are you feeling that your current job is somehow not what you thought you would be doing? Is it the position that you hold in your current work place that no longer interest you, or pays you enough?

Are you unhappy or frustrated in your current relationship? Are you feeling like you want to move forward with your relationship, and yet somehow you know it would be better to let go and walk away? Or maybe your partner is not showing you the signs that they want to deepen the relationship?

In any of these circumstances the Universe is asking you why do you hang on? What is keeping you in an endless cycle of disappointment? Why do you feel there is nothing more for you than were you currently are?

The truth is – is that there is always enough. Enough room for you to expand your consciousness and your experiences in this Universe. There is enough positive energy and joy in the universe that is available to everyone ~ right now!

All you have to do is ask for what you desire, and let go of what you have that is currently taking up your time and energy and showing no prospect of fulfilling your dreams.

New realities await.

The shift is up to you.

Many Blessings!


P.S. If you need some help and are ready to let go and move forward in your life, you can sign up here for a session or come to Denver on Thursday at For Heaven’s Sake Books in Denver for an in person appointment.



Many Blessing to You on the Fourth of July 2015

Sparkler with American Flag

Sparkler with American Flag

Declaring Independence and giving birth to a Nation. Take a moment to think about what it took to step out into bravery of a whole new world, a new way of existence, and a new way of thinking. Shedding the old and embracing the new. It can be a scary venture, but one well worth the shift. May your day be filled with the love of your family, your friends, and those who are both. May God / SPIRIT bless you!

Energy Shift Update: April 16, 2015


Energy Shift Update: Short, sweet, and to the point. STOP COMPLAINING! This shift is making a noticeable push toward completion of issues and challenges in our lives. Time to let it go! Notice that things are wrapping up. You will begin the cycle again if you complain. This will reset the energy that has been cleared. Capisce?

Select this time to start anew. Many Blessings,




Relaxing Guided Meditation and Healing Event!

guided meditation dec 27


Whoot! Whoot! I am so excited to be in Dallas Texas to share this awesome healing energy with all of you!

As you engage in your holiday plans this week, please remember that on December 27th there is a sacred healing space being held for you. If you have been looking for a chance to balance your life, experience a deep and lasting change to take into the new year, shift your health, or take will take a sudden shift toward something very different in your life, do whatever you can to get to this event. WE WILL see lives changed, spirits renewed, and bodies and energy bodies healed through the power of SPIRIT / God and the assistance of the White Light Healing Angels.

I’m doing everything I can to make this a very unique spiritual experience for all of you. There is limited seating at this venue so I ask that you show up early so that we can accommodate everyone at 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Suite 214, Dallas, TX 75230.

Everyone experiences something different at this event as God / SPIRIT is present and recognizes that you have come forward to receive healing and blessing at this special time of year. The gift of the spirit is with us all and in us all, and if you have been unable to connect with this gift in the past – do whatever you can to join me because my special gift to you is to connect you with the Divine quickly, easily, and effortlessly. If you are serious about taking your spiritual life to the next level and experiencing all that God / SPIRIT has for you in this life NOW is the time to come forward.

DO NOT wait put this in your calendar now, and join me at 6750 Hillcrest Plaza, Suite 214, Dallas, TX 75230 at 9AM Saturday December 27, 2014.

As an added BONUS: I will call in the White Light Healing Angels to work with everyone to resolve health issues, relationship issues, and abundance issues  click here for details on White Light Healing Technology.

At this event you will quickly and easily learn how to meditate and bring Divine inner peace within.

You will learn how to melt away stress and connect with the easy and effortless energy of true inner peace.

After the mediation time we will take a brief break so be sure to bring a protein bar and some water. Then I will call in White Light Healing Angels click here for details

Here is what to expect:

What time: 9 AM to 11 AM

Where: 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr, Suite 214, Dallas, TX  75230 contact ph# 972-404-8650

Investment $15.00

What have others shared with me?

“When Deanna called in the Angels of Light I could feel a shift in the energy of the room, I felt very peaceful and relaxed.” ~Dallas, TX.

“Afterward I felt so at peace, and like I could face life again.” Gober, TX.

“I am spiritually intuitive, but after working with Deanna, I felt like I could hear my guides more clearly. I totally recommend this experience for anyone who is serious about more clear understanding.” Denver, CO

Energy pulling away stumbling blocks

Energy Shift Update: Energy is pulling away from us that which has been a stumbling block in the past. Allow yourself to release people, places, or things that no longer support who you are becoming. The New is coming.